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Rent vs Buy

Why should you rent your cloth nappies rather than buy?

For the majority of people getting into cloth nappies started with buying one, two or a full on stash. For many that meant they had all one brand, or even all one kind of nappy. I know this because I was on of these people. Once I got down the rabbit hole a bit, I discovered that there are so many options - all with their pros and cons. But now I had a full stash already, and i was kind of attached to them. So I just bought more, and more, and more….

Had i known about all the options available to me before hand, I would have been able to figure out a lot of our issues, as well as the kinds of nappies that really worked for us. Obviously as with all things, these change over time, but I wouldn't have wasted so much time, money and effort on all the different options i attempted.

Renting is therefor a way to try out a number of options, brands and kinds of nappies, to see what works for you and what doesn't. All our rental packs come with a variety of nappies - sometimes all of one brand, many have a many brands and kinds for you to try. So whether you are looking to expand your stash and try a few different kinds of nappies, or are looking to buy a WAHM nappy but aren't sure if the choices you think will work best, will actually work best, or if you are completely new and are interested in trying out cloth - there is a rental package designed with you in mind.

And if you don't like them, or they don't work for you - send them back! At least you haven't bought a whole stash that you don't know what to do with.

Come down the Rabbit Hole :)

Cloth Nappies are my passion. I love telling the world about them, and sharing my love for all things fluff!

I decided to cloth nappy my child when I was pregnant. We weren't finding out the gender so I started a collection of plain, neutral coloured bamboo AI2 nappies from Bam+Boo. I got 21 as per the research I found - in green, yellow and white. I was sure I was set.

Then our gorgeous little boy, Kyle, arrived and I was so excited to get the nappies on him. But they were huge! Even though the website said from birth to potty training, they didn't warn me about how big they would be on a newborn. Eventually at about 10 weeks I could get one on, and it didn't look like he was drowning.

I took him to a La Leche League meeting, and there discovered other moms who used cloth nappies. And theirs were different to mine, and cuter. They told me about a nappy party happening and I went along to see what it was about.


That was when I went down the rabbit hole! Renske from BabyCastle was there with her gorgeous pocket nappies and I fell in love with the cute prints that were available. Someone there told me about the South Africa Cloth Nappy Users group on Facebook and I joined. And then I discovered a whole world of nappies out there. In the beginning I bought cute prints, and gradually started to buy different kinds of nappies. The assistance I received on the groups has made me as knowledgeable as I am now, and I hope to be able to share that knowledge with as many people as possible.

I now have a personal collection of over 150 nappies. Ranging from R60 Alva pockets to R600 Windpro Poopsy Daisy Night Nappies to R800 SassyBumz hybrid fitteds, and many in between. Cloth nappies for me were no longer about the money saving, or the eco-friendliness - however those are still very valid reasons that I use cloth nappies. For me it became about the pretties! I love a gorgeous print, especially from our amazing array of Work at Home Moms we have in South Africa. Many of whom can easily compete on the international front. I know - I have a few of them!

So whether you are looking at cloth nappies because you want to save the earth, save money, save your baby's skin or want to have a cute print to match every outfit; you've come to the right place on the web.

I am happy to share my expertise and look forward to helping you find your way in and out of the rabbit hole!

Have a Fluffy Day!!