Cloth Bums

Changing the world, one cloth bum at a time…

Welcome to my little piece of the internet.

You are probably here because you are interested in cloth nappying and don't know where to start.

I was in your place just over a year ago. I searched the internet and tried to find out everything i needed to know before my baby boy arrived. Surprisingly there wasn't all that much available. I found a few sites and then I ordered a whole set of one kind and thought I was set. I had done my research and knew how many I needed, how to wash them and how to do this. Then my baby arrived and they didn't fit. Even though they said from birth to potty training. When K was about 12 weeks old I went to my first nappy party and discovered that there were kinds i hadn't found in my research. AND they came in prints!

I started buying different kinds of nappies, and lots and lots of prints. I joined groups on Facebook and discovered there was even more out there for me to find out about. I started using fleece covers, and then wool covers. I bought a few nappies from overseas. I bought more nappies and helped my friends buy nappies from overseas. I started buying high end nappies. I helped organise nappy parties and did cloth demos for new moms. All of a sudden I had become somewhat of an expert. And then I realised I wanted to share that.

Potential cloth moms are regularly advised not to buy full sets of the same brand of nappy, and to try out a selection of brands and types of nappies. But when you are new to cloth, it can be overwhelming to have to make those sorts of decisions. And sometimes it can be expensive rounds of trial and error. Cloth Bums Nappy Rentals is here to assist with exactly that. We supply a selection of cloth nappy starter stashes that give you a chance to try using cloth nappies on a full time basis, with a variety of nappies, in order to see what works and what doesn't for you. We supply everything you need to switch from disposables to cloth overnight. All you need to commit to is washing the nappies as per instructions, and giving cloth a shot!

For those who have been using cloth for a while already, I have a number of nappy packs available for you too. A selection of night nappy packs, a collection of special occasion nappies and newborn rental packs for new cloth bums.

So please feel free to take a look around. Let me know if there is something you would love to rent, and I can work on making that happen for you. Feel free to contact me for absolutely anything.